Story About Eternity

Many people know that the company «Black Mesa», which is a giant corporation, had a serious competitor «Aperture Science», which also conducted scientific research in the teleportation and artificial intelligence field. For maintaining their competitive position, Black Mesa hired the best employees and conducted risky secret experiments.
One of Black Mesa's high performers was Aiden Brown, an extraordinary but radical scientist whose scopes often went far beyond the company's principles. Ayden was the head of a secret unit destinated to developing artificial intellect and implementation it into weapons. The scientist was so obsessed with his developments that he hired and implemented agents in Aperture Science behind the back of Black Mesa administration to keep track of its elaborations.
No one could have expected that the Resonance Cascade caused by the experiment would plunge everything into chaos, and almost all of "Black Mesa" would be wiped out from the face of the Earth because of bombing of the elite group of Black Ops. From Aiden's laboratory nothing remained too, but he managed to survive and managed to take the data with the developments with him during the takeover of "Black Mesa" by operatives.
For the next several decades, Aiden Brown locked himself in the basement to develop his creations on his own. Years later, he introduced his technology to the world and founded the company "Eternity", which develops «intelligent» weapons. Nowadays the company "Eternity" has a high position in the arms production market and is a monopolist in the field of artificial intelligence implementation in its product. Because of Aiden's radical views, weapons are sold both to military special forces and terrorists on the black market.